Fraud Alert

At, it is all about buying and selling. A lot of money thus gets transacted and everything is happening online. Most importantly, a large part of the dealings are through credit cards- things that are easy to use over the internet.

But with the business comes in the chances of fraudulent attempts too! Credit cards have been old foes for internet hackers and they try the same things out here too! it is our responsibility to provide you a safe business and money transaction environment, and we take every measure to make your account hereon perfectly hacking free. But there is no harm in taking precautions as well!

Enabling fraud alerts

So we have fraud alert enabling option in our website linked to your account as well! A user can choose from the possible options in case there is a fraud happening to her/his account or s/he suspects that some mischief has taken place. In such a case, it is urgent and important to inform your crediting bank or company, and you can do that via:-

  1. Adding a fraud alert message linked to your account.
  2. Reviewing statements of credit account frequently.
  3. Protect and monitor the credit.

Enabling one or more of these options can immediately inform your creditor who can then check at their ends and get back to you before it is too late!

The best thing is that this might seem a value added service but in fact, we consider it a must for safety of every user and hence offer it free for all. One can choose any one or more of the options provided in their personal accounts. One can even learn more by going through the texts that we have uploaded on our website for this purpose.


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